Dear all

I was wondering if anyone has used the built in application template - Inventory Tracking which can be found in WSS3.0.

What we have done at our school is create am inventory system for all our printer toners and cartridges.

When we first had it installed if we logged an install it would deduct the amount of items we had in the inventory which means we could track how many toners/cartridges we currently had in school.

We had a system crash and didnt manage to backup this template, so we had to start all over again.

We have managed to get it back up and running so all of assets are in the template but now if we log an install and change a toner/cartridge it doesnt seem to minus of the item which means we have no idea of how many toners/cartridges we have left.

If anyone has used this template, you will know that when you log an install you fill in the information such as what consumable you want to install with other information we customised such as which room its installed in etc.

Once that's done you can go to you inventory and it will show that someone has logged this install and what should happen is it should deduct that consumable of the list.

It doesnt seem to be doing this, has anyone else come across this issue? I thought it may have been that the group who use this application may not have permission but I have checked this for this particular web part and that doesnt seem to be an issue.

If anyone can advise, it would be most appreciated.