I'm looking at getting togeher a number of people within Northants to share ideas and good practice about setting up a VLE / LP, how to structure it (based around your curriculum) and what has worked to get staff engaged.

I am looking for people who already have platforms in place or who have clear ideas about where they fit into getting one set up.

This is not going to be purely a technical "and then you install this package" type of meeting, but trying to look at the different tools and functions that the various platforms that are out there actually offer. Since most of those schools who have something set up (or have had something set up previously) have left a chunk of the work in the hands of NMs and Techies it is about time we racked your brains too.

I am likely to host it at Silverstone in December. Would people be interested? (this will also go out on to the Northants Techs list).