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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Sharepoint site not available externally in Technical; Dear All We in the process of doing some extensive work with our sharepoint site. It currently is used in ...
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    Sharepoint site not available externally

    Dear All

    We in the process of doing some extensive work with our sharepoint site. It currently is used in school as a way for teachers only to see important information, at the moment we only have one team website.

    we also asked Link2ICT to create a external link, so that the sharepoint site can be access outside of school, and we managed to get some ports unblocked by the ISP.

    We have a Linux web server which has a second roll of acting like a gateway into our network. So when any resources such as e-mail is accessed externally, it has to come through our web server then to our email server before user gets access. We have done this to reduce the number of servers which are advertised out to the world.

    Now I thought we had given full access to our sharepoint site externally. We have a team page which is accessible but any other page it trys to reference the address as though it is internal so rather than going to OpenDNS, it goes to http://servername/sitedirectory.

    Does anyone know why this might be happening. I think it may be an issue with IIS but am unsure of what setting it could be.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

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    What the servername in IIS? I think you would need to add the external IP\address, assuming it's different.

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    You need to also set the external address in the Central Admin in Alternative Access Mapping. If you can give some examples of URLs and post, I'll give you a full examplation with IIS and SharePoint.

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