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    Fronter open/edit/save


    I wonder if anyone can help. I am trying to install the fronter oes2 to allow active x to run to open/edit/save files on the school network. I have tried to install it, but when students logon they get the message below. I was wondering if anyone had managed to deploy this successful to their network and if so can you possible give me some help.

    Cheers Max

    LoadLibrary(“C:\WINDOWS\System32\fronter_oes2.dll” )failed – The specified module could not be found

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    We've managed to get it working here. I did go around using an admin user to install it in their login script. I suspect you may have permission issues if it can't find the DLL. Have you tested it with differnt users and get it to work ?

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    Hi. I install the msi package at logon via Group Policy you can download the .msi package form fronter's website.

    Fronter_OES2_IE.msi 574kb

    Fronter support

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