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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, How to structure the layout of the Kaleidos Portal Intrest Groups in Technical; I have been looking to structure the layout of the portal, mainly in the way the Interests Groups are setup. ...
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    How to structure the layout of the Kaleidos Portal Intrest Groups

    I have been looking to structure the layout of the portal, mainly in the way the Interests Groups are setup. I was wondering if there any documents giving recommendations or examples for the structure of the portal and how to nest Interest Groups, for example how do I nest all the different subject Interest Groups within say a curriculum subjects group which is part of the students zone for the students to access. I would like to layout the portal so that it is in a structured organised format but make sure that the users do not become members of unnecessary Interest Groups and get swamped with IG group memberships and latest news for those sub groups in order to get to a particular IG.
    The problem we have found out is that the user needs to have at least reader permissions at the top level of the group in order to view the group below, but doing this makes the users members of groups that are just put in place to organise the other groups into one category for example the Pastoral group only reason is to hold all the different Years interests groups.
    I would be grateful if someone would be able to share with me their site navigation map if they have one or even let us have a quick look at their portal setup or just offer us some advice.


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    This advice is in two parts

    We have at very top level we have approx

    staff, students, extended schools.

    Then below students we have subjects (so we can sign off admin side to subject heads), In staff got various IG for example SLT, ICTAC.......

    Then below extended schools we have things like clubs, dram productions etc etc

    But few things in version two of LP coming soon I think you will only see groups you belong too unlike at moment where you see groups you are not a member of.

    So in lot of ways having that top layer (which does keep things nice and tidy through) could be done away with but I would keep it even in v2 of the LP.

    If PM me as can either setup so kind of web conference session with you to give you a guided tour of our setup or if near Leicestershire come and visit us.


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