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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Sharepoint firewall Ports in Technical; Hi This question was mainly for Birmingham Schools but I suppose anyone would be able to help as most local ...
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    Sharepoint firewall Ports


    This question was mainly for Birmingham Schools but I suppose anyone would be able to help as most local authroties would probably have the same type of setup for firewalls and router connections.

    I want to make our sharepoint server available externally so our staff and students can use it from home and create,modify content etc. I will need to let them know to make my server ip forward facing but I also need to let them know which ports as well.

    Can anyone confirm if it's just ports 80 and 443, Is there any other ports that I haven't considered for sharepoint to work externally? We use Office sharepoint 2007.


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    I would say it depends what ports you've told Sharepoint to use really, so check them in the config tools to check what your using and installed them to.

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    If you are running http just ask them for port 80 - if your running https ask for 443. Your right with what your saying!

    The only other site that would be on a different port is your central admin and I would not recommend making this available externally.

    You should not receive any problem with either port 80 or 443

    I'm at a Birmingham school as well so feel free to get in contact at anytime

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