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    Fronter help please

    Iím trying to change the pupilís passwords from the default password which Fronter has made to our own. So far I have uploaded a csv file with the usernames and new passwords and Fronter has accepted it. When uploading the csv file I made sure the check box to force change password at logon was NOT ticked. Now I can logon as a user but Fronter is asking the user to change the password which I donít want. I want all the pupils to have the same password that can not be changed.

    Whereís the option to change this?

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    i know that you can do this in the individual contacts details, but I'm not sure about doing it for a whole group. can you not set it in the groups properties?

    I don't have access to fronter anymore so I'm trying from memory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jobos View Post
    Whereís the option to change this?
    You will need to create a user template with the "User must change password on next login" option unticked. Once you have done this you can apply the user template to the effected group to change the setting for all the users in that group at once.

    How to do this is covered in more detail in the administration manual in the help button.

    If you require any assistance in this please feel free to call the help desk and one of the team will be able to talk you through the process.


    Tom Soron
    Fronter UK

  4. Thanks to Fronter from:

    Jobos (9th April 2008)

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