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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, How much should a VLE cost? in Technical; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by FN-Greatermanchester View Post
    We use uniservity, i think it cost £4,000.

    Its not worth it!
    When you say it's not worth it, can I ask in what respects.

    It looks as though our LEA (Bolton) is now moving towards Uniservity... we had hoped for a Moodle solution but looks like we're going with Uniservity even though no one here really knows much about it

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    Quote Originally Posted by j17sparky View Post
    *Puts hand up*

    We've had a VLE (i think, you've confused me now russ) now for over 3years and we are yet to use it (well one teacher is trying hard but...). Beyond the technical difficulties of it being unstable, slow, bad support and non-intuative, "we" just cant really work out what it is for

    "We" have been sold it as a place to put homework so the kids can access it from home then upload it. Great, but how is that an improvement on the traditional way of getting the kids to write down their homework in their exercise books?

    *If* ours was more user friendly i could see the point abit more but as it stands its so inflexible the teacher ends up with a substandard result for more work than if he did it the old fationed way of hand outs or putting files on the kids memorysticks or emailing it.

    Add that to the fact that at the beginning of each year you need to all but manually add each kid to each class because it doesnt work properly with SIMS and you end up with a hell of alot of work for no obvious benifits.
    What do you use for your VLE?

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