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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, FrogLearn opinions in Technical; Firstly, I'm a new user here, but a long time lurker . We've just got Frog Learn installed on our ...
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    FrogLearn opinions

    Firstly, I'm a new user here, but a long time lurker .

    We've just got Frog Learn installed on our Frog 3 server and I have been testing it for a day and although it at first seems like it might be quite good, the cracks and limitations soon become apparent:

    1. There are only 20 or so themes, you can make your own but Frog have to upload them for you.
    2. No widget API.
    3. Doesn't seem to be any third party integrations that I can see.
    4. Not fully cross-platform, which is one of the reasons we want to move from Frog 3.
    5. Frog need to be contacted to do a lot of things - they don't trust technicians with their system.

    There are some things I do like though:

    • Dashboards
    • Calendars and booking are an improvement over Frog 3
    • File drop
    • Editing is much simpler and more intuitative
    • Much better HTML

    I'm just wondering if any of you have had similar experiences and how have you overcome them? Are you running a mixed Frog 3/Learn environment or have you dropped Frog for something else?

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    Hi @BeerToday,

    I can answer a few of your queries on Frog as we use it in our school.

    1: The themes are fairly easy to make if you are familiar with CSS and frog usually upload them within a couple of hours.
    2: Widget API is not available as of yet but may be coming in the near future.
    3: 3rd party integration is possible, however requires a lot of back and forth between you, Frog and the 3rd party. I've recently added Planet E-Stream to our frog and, with a little confusion and a fair few emails back and forth to the service desk we got there in the end.
    4: again something that will be coming in the near future, this is something that they are working on with a lot of force behind it.
    5: This is correct and works with positives and negatives, however they are a friendly bunch on the other end of the phone and are very quick to act on any of your needs (I my experince).

    I hope this answers some of your questions, if you want to find anything else out or ask any questions, Frog do havew a community page: Frog Community Site
    Here you'll find a network of frog schools and technicians all asking and answering eachothers questions. Also look up Frog14 which was their annual conference held last month, this had a lot of information about changes coming over the next year.

    Apologies for the essay

    Disclamer: Got the Schools Frog\VLE technician to answer this. @jtb1994 (just made him join)
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    Thats ME! Thought I'd make myself an account whilst I was at it.

    By all means PM me if you want to ask anything else, the community forum is a really useful place to start as well


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