FYI might interest some people who are down for BETT.


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Subject: SUGUK meeting - London Jan 10th

Hi all, hope everybody has had an enjoyable break over Christmas and New Year. We're back to meetings again quickly with an event in London on January 10th. Two great topics... Workflow: A deep dive into developing workflows for SharePoint using Visual Studio and Infopath - Chris O'Brien Of the three types of workflow available to the SharePoint developer, only Visual Studio workflows provide complete flexibility and power. Without the right information however, the learning curve can be steep for the uninitiated. In this session we’ll start with initial decisions such as SharePoint Designer workflows vs. Visual Studio workflows, sequential vs. state-machine, and InfoPath vs ASP.Net for forms. From there we’ll cover the key steps to get a workflow up and running including retrieving data from an InfoPath form, configuring workflow activities, and deployment of the workflow. Over several demos, we’ll build a basic state-machine workflow, and show why workflow is a valuable addition to any SharePoint developer’s skillset. Search Server 2008 – What is it, how does it affect me and should I be testing it? - Andrew Woodward A look at the recently announced Search Server 2008. We will walk through an installation and demonstration of the new Federated Search capabilities, what’s provided out of the box, what you can get from free, how to leverage sites using and how to federate results from Google. We will discuss how this fits in with your existing WSS and MOSS deployments and the release timescales. To signup please post your fullname at the following forum topic: Look forward to seeing you there Nick