Good Morning All,

My brain is a little bit fried here, one of our computing teachers wants to do a VC link between countries (yes countries) and he says he has seen it done in moodle using BigBlueButton, I have tried to explain that we would need to setup a BBB server to run it, which I just cannot seem to do at the moment, as we only have 1 server accessible to the web through a central TMG provided by the LEA. This server is running 2008 r2 with moodle in IIS and HAP+ nicely.

But I am struggling to see a way of easily (and nicely) install BBB or some other VC enabled service that can integrate with moodle (like openmeetings)

Any suggestions on this one would be a good one (personally I said use Skype to the other teachers laptop but that didn't go down too well)