I was wondering if anyone uses the ILP block on moodle 2.#. We are playing around with the mango release but can't get it to do a couple of things and wondered if anyone else had any advice. I have also posted on moodle.org.

We have been long users of the ILP block on our current moodle 1.9 install. We are testing moodle 2.6 with the aim of migrating over in just over a months time. As the mango release is quite different from the old 1.9 version we are struggling with a few options. If anyone could point us to some documentation or could answer any of the following questions that would be really useful.

Can you create a summary page like you get on the old version? e.g. it shows the student name, student Info, Targets, Progress Reviews all on the one page?
Can you move the tabs up a level. For example instead of having to click on archives to view the targets and progress reviews. Could we add a menu like Entries, Targets, Progress Reviews and Archives.
What rules move targets into the archives tab?
Is it possible to set them up to automatically archive after a certain date?
Can you filter the targets with different tabs e.g. Achieved, To Be Achieved and withdrawn?
I have looked at the documentation here but couldn't find the answers ILP block - MoodleDocs

Any help on the above would be greatly appreciated.