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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Going with Firefly VLE - anyone use it? Onsite or Hosted? in Technical; Originally Posted by dhicks Personally, I want any system we use to be as open as possible - sooner or ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dhicks View Post
    Personally, I want any system we use to be as open as possible - sooner or later, we're bound to have to read or write data from or to any system, and the easier it is to do that the better. I would probably go for Moodle, from that point of view, but Firefly seems pretty reasonable as far as commercial systems go for getting data in / out.
    A read somewhere that they actually have a nice API to use.

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    Firefly does not do AD Integration with the hosted version.

    You can pay for the Cloud services option for firefly that allows you to authenticate with Office 365 or Google Apps - which means we can use our google apps username and password - I have also been told that if you are already logged into google apps it will then not require login to firefly - sort of like a google apps sso for firefly I guess.

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    Ouch on the price - these days really is that kind of pricing realistic for an LP? Even Frog have had to reduce their crazy prices!

    £2000 for Office 365/Google Apps? But those services are free - what are they doing just integrating them?

    I would question the value personally and made sure you look at all the other options out there.

    Just my two pence worth mind!


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    We have it, will be rolling out to students in September.

    I appreciate it's a bit expensive, both initially and ongoing. However, the functionality, design, ease of use etc. is so far ahead of anything else, i'm more than happy it's justified. The support (if needed) is second to none. The product itself is pretty darned impressive - i'm genuinely excited about it (I looked at sharepoint a few years back...i had sleepless nights for quite a while). We had demo's from the big players in VLE, firefly was way ahead of the game. The decision process involved heads of faculty, SMT and Governors - not a decision we took lightly. I know you can do some pretty stuff with moodle and it's free, but sometimes you get what you pay for...

    Another major factor in our decision was it's integration with our MIS, WCBS PASS. It is a live link that really does dig deep. The 'Parent Portal' is exactly what we want for engaging and communicating with parents. We have an onsite server, impressive speeds internally and the AD integration is great. I'm genuinely excited and enthusiastic - which for me, is pretty impressive in itself

    I recommend firefly 100%, everything from sales through to support has been a pleasure, literally. And no, I don't work for them (but would in a heartbeat...)

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