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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, QR Codes linking to Photos (Via GoogleDrive, DropBox or others!!!) in Technical; We have recently purchased tablets and one of the functions staff want to use are QR codes. We want to ...
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    QR Codes linking to Photos (Via GoogleDrive, DropBox or others!!!)

    We have recently purchased tablets and one of the functions staff want to use are QR codes. We want to make displays interactive etc.

    I have researched using QR codes in classrooms and have found some really interesting stuff but am struggling to come up with an easy solution to an idea.

    Staff want to be able to make a qr code that links to a set of photos. A few members of staff seem to think they have seen schools do this without hosting the files online (although they are not technically minded and it may have been hosted without them knowing!).

    As far as I am aware, the files would need to be uploaded, then the QR code linked to the album. The process would need to be super easy for staff around school to use.

    I have tried using googledrive and dropbox to create albums and linked QR's to the shared albums. Although this method worked ok'ish, I was hoping for an automatic gallery i.e. the photos automatically played - A little petty I know but it would be annoying if the album had 100 photos and you had to click each time!

    Not sure if anyone has done this or there is a quick fix!!

    Any help greatly appreciated,


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    Yes, I wanted a similar thing, a qr that linked to a photo whi h was online but ne er managed it, couod pink to sites but not direct to a photo.

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    Install a url shortening service on some webhosting then create a shortened url and link the qr code to that.

    Then you change the destination of any qr code without having to change the printed code itself, one week it could point to a picture or a gallery and the next week it could be a video or a download.


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