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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Moodle to Wordpress in Technical; Originally Posted by mark100 it is a very weird move I know Moodle isnt used to its full potential here ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mark100 View Post
    it is a very weird move I know

    Moodle isnt used to its full potential here and lecturers are still printing out reams of paper, we'd like to get away from that and have a fresh start. Already we use wordpress.com as a blogging platform for students to use as an online portfolio. Moving away from moodle to wordpress would consolidate the systems we use.

    Moodle is currently more used as a document store from than a traditional VLE
    It might be useful to investigate the detail of why (and how) moodle 'failed' before throwing another solution at the problem. Moodle is eminently capable of being crafted into a successful VLE. If something that is designed to do the job is failing, it's perhaps unlikely (but not impossible) that a product aimed at something else will succeed.

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    The LMS plugins look quite good for Wordpress from the initial post however even though it has a nice simplistic look - how easy is this for dear old Ms Smith in Maths who's near retirement age or John Smith who's computer illiterate? Would they spend the time going through adding all the information in?

    Even though it looks good - in reality I think its a bit complex to be used in a wider area to engage learning, SharePoint within Office365 would be good with this or Frog VLE.

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