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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, [Frog 3] Force user password change on login? in Technical; Is there a way to force users to change their password on login to Frog 3? This would be for ...
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    [Frog 3] Force user password change on login?

    Is there a way to force users to change their password on login to Frog 3?

    This would be for our parents to do (as everyone else is synchronised with Active Directory, but parents aren't).

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    There is nothing to specifically to force people to change their passwords.

    You could investigate the Page shown after login option, and force the first screen they see after login to a self developed page which display the change password brick. Then you'd need to put a test on it to determin if it's already changed. We use this mechanism to get parents to accept the AUP so can't really say I've done this for changing the password but the principle would be the same, not changed the password, then no entry to system.

    I suppose it depend on how far you want to push parent's into changing their password. I've found that the more you make them change it the more password rest requests you have. I generate unique passwords for all parents and send via a letter/email so they have a record.


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