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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Hosted Pre-configured Moodle in Technical; I have installed and configured Moodle 2.5 (numerous times) but cannot get it to work reliably. It will work for ...
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    Hosted Pre-configured Moodle

    I have installed and configured Moodle 2.5 (numerous times) but cannot get it to work reliably.

    It will work for a while then issues arise such as 'Unsupported redirect detected' when trying to upload files.

    I've given up hope of it ever working reliably. Are there any companies out there which host and configure Moodle? How much do they charge?

    I do not think that Moodle is the right product for us anyway, it's too complicated and staff haven't got the time to create resources for it, however the Head is insistent that we get it working because "Other schools have it".

    We have a very limited budget and cannot afford many of the hosted VLEs on the market such as Frog OS. Any suggestions?

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    Have you had a look at your local LEA\ISP to see if they have one?

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    Sounds like Bitnami will be your friend. I searched for ages for something like this until I found these!
    Moodle Cloud Hosting, Installers and Virtual Machines.

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    The official companies are Moodle partners Partners | Moodle.com, of which there are five in the UK, WebAnywhere being the nearest to you in Yorkshire . Plus there are other non-official companies who do a good job as I am sure others will suggest.

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