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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, RealSmart in Technical; Hi all our current school is looking at RealSmart to replace our internal moodle, SLG and school website. Anyone got ...
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    Hi all our current school is looking at RealSmart to replace our internal moodle, SLG and school website.

    Anyone got some positive/negative feedback?

    I have looked around at packages to merge in to our moodle but just don't seem to compete with the quick, clean and looking quite nice RealSmart when it comes to merging with Google drive/apps and E-Portfolio.

    RealSmart really does seem to look like the cheap version of Frog, just obviously missing more development/content and connecting to other packages.

    I am currently 50/50 on keeping moodle, at the end of the day I want the best for our staff and to develop our moodle further is a full time job, when we currently have 3 of us and most of the technicians time is taken with netbooks we simply cant dedicate a huge time frame to improve what we got.

    Any information is useful, its not heavily priced and we are currently paying for our moodle to sync with SIMs and SLG for homework features (plus SIMs data). We are also looking at parents evening which again for a decent system will cost.

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    We use RealSmart as an AfL tool but not with the Google Apps integration. From what I do know, support is generally good. And they are starting to dip their toes into iPAD apps etc as the majority of the website is flash based, which is a bonus for us.

    At the moment all of our students use it in ICT across all Key Stages and PE use it as a method of uploading class / homework and the staff mark it and then send it back with comments to make changes. The printing costs in ICT alone over the last 4 or 5 years has dramatically reduced.

    It wont replace your Moodle integration with SIMS or SLG however and you will still need something if you want to give access to this sort of information to parents etc.

    If you have any further questions, I can try and answer them from our point of view if you post them here.

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