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    Moodle IIS/ Internal / External access issues please help :)

    I am starting to pull my hair out with moodle, I originally installed it using xammp but was recommended not to use this as its not as secure. I then looked at wamp.

    Currently I am using the Microsoft web app gallery which installed moodle quickly and is working.

    issue 1 - When I setup moodle I entered the server name of:
    I can access this internally without any issues, externally is another matter!!!!
    I have setup a public facing IP address, my smoothwall is configured to redirect tot he ip address of the server I get the following error through external access:
    incorrect access detected, this server may be accessed only through "htpp://" address, sorry. Please notify server administrator

    So the external address is working but how do I get this to work?? is there some code anyone can help me with in the config file? or suggest how I should set the moodle up on first install

    issue 2- ldaplink just doesn't work

    I created a new ou called moodle, created a user account ldaplink

    distinguished name: cn=ldaplink,ou=moodle,dc=domain,dc=school,dc=local
    User Type and select ‘MS Active Directory’
    The Search Subcontexts needs to be set to Yes.
    The User attribute needs this to be entered: sAMAccountName
    Scroll down to Cron Synchronisation Script.
    The Removed ext user needs to be set to Suspend interval.

    Scroll down a bit further, to Data Mapping. Here, use these values:
    First name: givenName
    Surname: sn
    City/Town: uk
    Country: UK

    Scroll down to and click Save Changes.

    try to log in with the active directory user account but it errors and says it cannot find the server

    I would be most grateful for any assistance as I need to get this setup a.s.a.p.

    Does anyone else use the Microsoft way of doing this?

    Many Thanks

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    Your first issue is simple. Do not use IP addresses - use DNS (or host files) to point to your moodle instance. This is because Moodle uses the configured address saved in the config.php file. This even happens when you map say www.mydomain.com and mydomain.com to your Moodle instance. Moodle tries to redirect to the configured address but since your IP is internal, externally that would not work.



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    gaz003 (16th May 2013)

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