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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, Moodle SQL and PHP password resets in Technical; Hi If i change our moodle SQL database password in MySQL where would i need to change it in moodle? ...
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    Moodle SQL and PHP password resets


    If i change our moodle SQL database password in MySQL where would i need to change it in moodle? Or would i?

    Also the same question for PHP. We use phpmyadmin on a windows server 2008.


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    If you change the SQL password within mysql you will need to update config.php for Moodle.

    (assuming there's no other plugins using the details hardcoded elsewhere)

    Quick search through the moodle file structure for the password itself may help you here but 9/10 times it's just config.php you need to update.

    Changing the password for php? I don't run windows webservers so I'm not sure if this happens or whether this is something different I don't know about.

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