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Virtual Learning Platforms Thread, It's Learning - User Admin, Lynchpin and other issues in Technical; Hi Am I the only one or does anyone else get a lot of grief administering It's Learning. Every academic ...
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    It's Learning - User Admin, Lynchpin and other issues

    Am I the only one or does anyone else get a lot of grief administering It's Learning.
    Every academic year it's the same story - it takes 2 to 3 weeks of reporting errors and chasing up calls before finally we have managed to get the new academic year synchronised with SIMS. I won't go into details (would take too long) but last year our school ended up publishing a letter in our school news letter from It's Learning apologising for all the trouble and grief they had caused at the start of the year and it looks like we are heading for the same this year.
    It's not just at the start of the year - we have at least one major bug that has been officially recognised on their support site over 2 years ago - but still no solution!

    Are there any VLE's out there that work. For example Fronter - if we moved to them would it just be out of the frying pan into the fire! They also use SIMS VLE export I beleive to synchronise data between It's Learning and SIMS. Is that where the problem lies? It's Learning always try to implicate SIMS but so far it allways comes back that the problem was their end.
    Lynchpin (anyone using this) certailny is an improvement on the direct synch option we had before - but still lot's of issues.

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    We are moving to ITS.. We have been on two previous commercial products.

    we are using ADFS intergration for our users, not sure about academic stuff...


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