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vBCms Comments Thread, Article: Microsoft Education White Paper - Baby steps into the Cloud in ; You can view the page at http://www.edugeek.net/content.php?r...into-the-Cloud...
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    Article: Microsoft Education White Paper - Baby steps into the Cloud

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    I skimmed that the other day and thought it was largely a fluffy Live@Edu piece, however this caught my eye: "Others point to specific steps forward – for example, with Microsoft® Office 365 for education, seeing SharePoint in the Cloud, and integration of Live@edu with virtual learning environments and with management information systems.".

    Plus I thought we already have some VLE integration, but I suppose that means *more* VLE integration. BTW last month RM announced that future Kaleidos will integrate with L@E.

    And I had an issue or two with this re. a different style of ICT Management: "“Not losing control but releasing control – trusting the students, moving away from the mentality that wants to lock everything down.” Won't affect my approach to local lockdown at all because local machines and apps still need to keep working... and I'm looking forward to the Live@Edu to OfE transition for the same basic reason as some other folk have cited, it promises you the ability to *manage* the online Office apps and (Sharepoint) document storage.
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    An interesting enough paper. As @PiqueABoo said, seems to be a bit of a Live@Edu fluff peice, but the points being made are valid.

    I personally prefer the Google based services as I think that Gmail, Google Cal and Picasa are all superior to the MS alternatives, and I like the way they integrate nicely with other services such as my iPhone calendar and mail. I just wish Google would quit stalling and open up a decent storage solution that equals Skydrive.

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