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vBCms Comments Thread, EduGeek Christmas Message 2012 in ; YAY! Another year over and now it’s time for all of you lovely ‘geekers to kick back and relax over ...
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    EduGeek Christmas Message 2012

    YAY! Another year over and now it’s time for all of you lovely ‘geekers to kick back and relax over the Christmas holidays in whatever way works best for you.
    And what a year it’s been for many. You've seen the ever increasing roll out of managed wireless networks running hand-in-hand with BYOD schemes and Windows 7 finally arriving to many of your networks. Just in time for Windows 8 to arrive on the scene. Not to mention the appearance of Macs, iPads and other table devices in ever larger numbers. As if you didn't have enough to do!

    And we haven’t been idle either. From BETT to our conference and onto ISTE the first half of the year is a rather large and exhausting blur for us. The second half has been swallowed up with a huge back-end re-jigging of our servers – all done seamlessly so that you didn't even notice by Shaun - and a move to a new, larger office which will finally allow for us to get the EduGeek merchandise store up and running.

    So all that remains for us to say before you bunker down for the holidays is: ‘Thank you’.
    Thank you for your time, knowledge, humour (especially in adversity!) and the sense of community you all bring to EduGeek and especially to the moderators for keeping things all in order when we aren't looking.
    We’d just like to say that working on EduGeek each day is a big privilege for all of us here in ‘back-end’ land and you really do make our day.

    We’d also like to send out a huge bag of thanks to our sponsors and advertisers who ensure that the site keeps running and we don’t have to resort to some of the methods other sites do to fund themselves.
    So take it easy, relax and enjoy Christmas, and if we don’t see you around n the site over the holidays, we’ll see you for real in the new year at BETT in London, at the conf or ISTE in San Antonio hopefully.

    Wishing you all a merry Christmas, and a prosperous new year,

    Chris, Shaun and Ric.
    Dos_box, ZeroHour and Ric_
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    Have a great one all!

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    Nice vid that. Happy New Year.

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