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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Reassigning a HP DL360 G7 5620 as a Hyper-V Host in Technical; Originally Posted by MrWu That's sounds good. Did you use 2 of those FC kits in a failover config?...In any ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrWu View Post
    That's sounds good. Did you use 2 of those FC kits in a failover config?...In any case HP stuff of that calibre should be quite reliable..i do like the look of them, all cables and cards included as well. :-). ..by the time i added the NIC cards, cables, switches needed for the 10gbe it was more than FC solution suprisingly.

    I've got a horrible feeling in the documents For P2000 SAN i read that you can't present the same LUN to the iSCSI and FC protocol, in which case failover to iSCSI from FC does not sound hopeful...would have been a nice cost effective feature...
    Not to start with - but in the end yes purchased a second FC switch. One thing to note tho with those switches is that although you have 20 ports (or 16 can't remember) that you are actually only licensed for 8 and to use any more its an additional 1500 quid i think.

    If you looked at an OPEN-E server you could suffice with 1GB links and just load balance 8 nics

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