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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, New VDI Project in Technical; I've been looking at some of these problems, there are solutions depending upon your chosen provider Originally Posted by gshaw ...
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    I've been looking at some of these problems, there are solutions depending upon your chosen provider
    Quote Originally Posted by gshaw View Post

    Problems I've seen thus far...

    1) Until recently VDI = SAN = costly. I can't see the point of taking the cost of infrastructure you can buy in stages (desktops) then spending the same \ more to move it to a huge initial cost by putting it in the server room.
    You can do VDI from local disks and keep the images in sync , for example with drbd. SAN is useful but you still get pretty good speeds locally
    Quote Originally Posted by gshaw View Post

    2) Number of disks... as with all of these virtualisation-esque solutions IOPS are king... doesn't give great VFM if you then have to stack 20 odd SAS 15k disks to get enough grunt to provision 30 desktops on demand. Yes there's kludges around "boot storms" but it's not ideal. Replacing (cheap) SATA local PC disks with (expensive) SAS 15ks seems a bit pointless... affordable SSDs for this will be when we see the big shift imo.
    It's pretty simple to mount images into a tmpfs ramdisk and run them from ram. as you say a hybrid or SSD would be pretty quick too. Using a copy on write filesystem for the images mean all the clients use the same image and each individual virtual machine only grows by a small amount. 512MB should easily be enough for a win7 image.

    Quote Originally Posted by gshaw View Post
    3) Video performance... getting better with HDX, PCoIP etc but still seemingly not 100%
    SPICE is revolutionary in terms of graphics performance, rendering is on the client. It is definitely worth a look

    Quote Originally Posted by gshaw View Post
    4) Licensing... not so much of a problem if you have EES (and therefore Software Assurance)... then there's the cost of the VDI software itself
    Depends on the licensing model. If you don't want support you don't need to pay for licenses (im thinking kvm) the support and device management contracts typically scale well with number of devices. Even with a support contract VDI isn't any more expensive than traditional clients if you have the time to learn it all. The initial startup cost would even be lower than replacing a lot of desktops. Windows licensing will always be expensive though, I thought even with EES you needed a separate virtualisation license?

    I'm approaching VDI more like an app (for apps) rather than a desktop in its own right - ie browser based with no 'desktop' as such.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ozydave View Post
    I'm in Buckinghamshire
    Does anyone have a full vdi setup that I can come and have a look at in action.
    We just appioneted new Ict company for a new build. There whole project Is based on vdi. It's what they can make the most amount of money on!!!!! Again no one has spoken to staff, not even the head is ict
    As some of the other posts I keep looking at vdi but yet to be fully convinced so a site visit would good if anyone can help.
    We've gone from 100 Wyse thin clients using VDI down to about 50 + 20 for staff use externally (total estate is 875 Pc/laptops so represents about 11%). Still got the ESX's and the storage running it. You are quite welcome to come and have a look (Rotherham). If by a full VDI setup you mean across the whole school then "Hell no!!

    Couple of questions

    a) Who appointed them?
    b) Can it be stopped?

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    Hi Dave_o
    SLT and sponsers appointed so that cant be stopped. I done a big refit of server side if things 2 1/2 years ago, VMware and 6 server xenapp farm. A lot to throw away!
    I cannot see the need to go full vdi and just want to put reasoned arguments on the table to SLT.

    Would love to come up to Rotherham, not to far for me but think to far for SLT to let me go!!!!
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