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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Direct Connection to RDS Server Desktop in Technical; We've started allocating Netbooks out to students on a laptop trolley. At the moment we've set up a batch of ...
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    Direct Connection to RDS Server Desktop

    We've started allocating Netbooks out to students on a laptop trolley. At the moment we've set up a batch of them using the usual sysprepped Windows 7 image which I made which we use on all desktops and computers however the Netbooks performance with this is unacceptable and the main factor is that it takes quite a while for the services to start up on the logon screen that the students can't log on for at least 5 minutes, as the wireless doesn't connect instantly due to the limited resources that the Netbooks have.

    I've set up a Windows 2008 R2 RDS Server so I can try this solution with the netbooks, we currently also have a Citrix setup which I am looking to replace with RDS in the long run so these Netbooks would be the ideal way to show the RDS solution off. I've put Windows XP on a Netbook, removed the ability to connect to the Internet (Made up proxy settings) deleted the shortcuts to everything in the start menu and created a locked down profile which auto logs on when the students switch the netbooks on, overall the startup time is around 20 seconds.

    Is it possible to make an rdp file which on startup will go straight to the logon screen of the RDS server, with the the connection bar at the top hidden. Basically so it's like XP will boot up and go straight to the logon screen of the RDS server, I don't really want to join the Netbooks to the domain as they start up really quick as they are.

    I will write a batch file to launch the RDP file which connects to the RDS server and then put a shutdown command after so the Netbooks automatically shut down when the user logs off of the RDS session.

    Please advise the best way to achieve this set up.

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    Could you not use terminal services ? and just open up a browser pointing to the TS page then login from there. You could set the browser to load at start up.

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    Hi Vinced,

    Have a talk with @TheScarfedOne, I worked with him and this was basically my last project I worked on before leaving the Academy. Our final setup was 50 Asus EeePC 900's setup with Windows ThinPC joined to the domain. The students logged in as normal but had a vb script as the shell that opened up an RDP file to the session host farm, and using SSO automatically logged them into the RDS environment. The script then logged them off the netbooks when the RDS session ended. This could easily be adapted to suit you.
    Create a digitaly signed RDP file and set the netbooks to automatically trust any connections to the RDS environment. Have the local user auto log-in with the shell changed from windows explorer to the batch/vb file that calls the RDP file into action. The only hitch is that the connection bar will only hide from about five seconds after the RDP session is connected.

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    Did someone shout??!!

    The bits you need can be found here....
    Remote Desktop for Thin Client… Part 2! - Blogs - EduGeek.net
    Windows Thin PC - Blogs - EduGeek.net

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