Our pupil machines all run XP with Winsuite (outdated I know, but it does us for now!) Recently we have purchased 10 HP Thin Clients and a new server.

I have:

  • Installed Server 2008 R2 onto the server
  • Installed the Hyper-V role onto the server
  • Set up 10 VMs on the server (one for each thin client to connect to)
  • Installed XP and Winsuite on one and copied its hard disk to each of the other VMs
  • Given each VM a different Static IP
  • Enabled each VM to be accessed remotely by all Domain Users.

From the server console, I can log in to each VM no problem as a pupil and as administrator. However, when I RDP into the VMs from the thin clients, the Winsuite login screen appears and I can click on a user, but once I click OK the machine simply thinks for a few seconds then goes back to the login screen.

Obviously a simpler solution would be for the VMs to log into a server directly, but you can only install the Winsuite client onto XP and the children are used to clicking on their name rather than typing in a username.

If anyone has any ideas why the VMs run perfectly from the console but turn obstinate when accessed via RDP, I'd be grateful, as the teacher can't understand why her new "computers" don't work and it's a bit complex to explain to her why!!