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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Minimum Spec for 'thick client' PC's in Technical; Hi What minimum specs are we running for our 'thick client' PC's? We are using a Citrix Xen Desktop version ...
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    Minimum Spec for 'thick client' PC's


    What minimum specs are we running for our 'thick client' PC's?

    We are using a Citrix Xen Desktop version 5 solution and up until now have been running HP D530 PC's which are:

    P4 3ghz HT CPU, 512Mb Ram, 7200rpm 40gb HDD, Win XP.

    Are going to be stepping down to make some use out of some even older PC's which are:

    HP D510, P4 2.4ghz, 512Mb Ram, 7200rpm 40gb HDD, Win XP.

    Have noticed log in time is a little longer but no difference when in full session. In theory you can run VDI on a pentium 2 but I wouldnt like to see this in action!

    Be interesting to see just how low a spec others have managed to get it to run properly on?

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    The desktop reciever will run reasonably well on almost anything that runs an OS, with decent video RAM to support a reasonable resolution.

    Runs fine on an iPad using the Citrix Reciever for iPad and is supported for a number of XP embedded devices too. Would be interested to know how many folk have sweated their oldest kit as cheap end points?!

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