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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, ESXi v5 & multi-netowrk setup questions in Technical; Currently : I have a current server running an odd configuration. The box is running SQL 2008 w/ 2 small ...
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    ESXi v5 & multi-netowrk setup questions

    I have a current server running an odd configuration. The box is running SQL 2008 w/ 2 small databases. On top of this it is also running VMware Server2 w/ 2 VMs running.
    This setup came about because 3 physical machines were needed. These machines use MicroSoft Message Queuing to send data to each other.

    The host machine has 2 physical NICs connected to 2 different networks.
    1 of these Server2008 virtual machines has 2 physical NICs. One NIC connects to the hospital network 10.*.*.* & the other NIC connects to an autonomous network of spme special gear. All this gear is on the 192.168.*.* network. So this machine talks via the 192.168.*.* network back to the SQL server(host).
    The second of these VMs is bridged to the hospital network..

    New solution ESXi 5:
    This is my first ESX install & i am a little confused how to get both sets of traffic out 1 NIC or... 2 physical NICs.
    Currently i have my 3 VMs talking via DHCP.. but when i try to set a VM w/ the second subnet 192.168.*.* i can ping nothing.

    *Should i be building a second vSwitch1 and connecting this to a physical NIC? If so i do not see how to set the IP of the physical NICs.. only teaming and vLAN settings for the current NIC getting DHCP.
    *Or should i be sending all the traffic for these 3 virtual machines & 2 networks out the 1 physical NIC... and have the hospital setup routing to take care of the 192.168.* traffic?

    +Let me know if any of this is to vague

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    I guess you've probably figured this out by now but just in case, you will need to set up a new virtual machine vswitch for the 2nd physical nic. When you are configuring ESXi dont think of physical nics in the traditional sense think of them as Uplinks. For virtual machine traffic you do not set an IP address on the physical nic, just configure the vm's with the correct physical route to the network they need to access i.e. vnic connected to vswitch one for 10.x.x.x traffic and or vswitch two for 192.x.x.x traffic and configure the vm's networking as you would normally within the guest OS (be it a windows vm or a *nix vm).

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