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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, USB Drives using hyper-v and axel m80 in Technical; Weve just put our first thinclient into the live enviroment, its running xp via hyper-v on a 2008 r2 server, ...
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    USB Drives using hyper-v and axel m80

    Weve just put our first thinclient into the live enviroment, its running xp via hyper-v on a 2008 r2 server, All works fine under an admin account usb drives, printers everything, but when signed on as a student the usb drive shows up but when you click on it nothing happens....
    Any Ideas??? is this a group policy somewhere?

    Also when the user logs off it goes to the Axel "Desktop" is there anyway for it to stay at a windows logon box? These arent pooled desktops as we have to suss out the certificates for that, so these are just pointing straight to a vm on hyper-v. starting to panic now as the kiddies come back on tuesday!

    Many thanks!!!

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    Personaly I'm a Hyper-V nut but would never touch XP on Hyper-V due to many a problem with slow performance and bad intergration drivers - so maybe give it a go with Windows 7 to see if you get the same problem.
    You should also take a look at getting a propper connection broker in place - something like XenDesktop/Kaviza would do you nicely (although oviously not a cure for your immediate problems).

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    Hi Denzal2k4

    When you get a moment give me a call - your second questions is easily sorted (set auto-re-connect to "yes", the first must a VM setting - the terminal won't know who is using it, so if administrator is treated differently to
    a user - the differences in their accounts need to be looked at - (not terminal configuration as this is the same for both users)

    When connected pressing: "cont alt shift i" may be interesting !

    I'll be here till 17:30

    0845 225 2822
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