Not sure how big of a Thinstation community lives here so here goes nothing.

I'm attempting to create a VMWare View workstation based on ThinStation. I'm using TS-o-Matic to create my builds. Currently my testing is only with CDs/ISOs. I haven't tried any other implementations such as a PXE boot.

I have created custom builds and used the LiveCDs available from Thinstation.org, both result in the error below when I boot my HP T5135 Thin client PC.

Error, no valid session type!!!
Boot aborted, please check youru thinstation config files are correct
My feeling is that this error is based on a missing driver. I think this because I download the current Thinstation LiveCD for VMWare View and it worked fine in my Lenovo T61. Connected to VM and everything. When I use the CD with my HP T5135 I get the no valid session type error above. I'm thinking it just doesn't know how to communicate with the internal network card(NIC).

I tried using TS-O-Matic to create a build with all network drivers included but that did not work. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to try next?