Have a few thin clients that I need to set up. They currently have a messed up XPe installation on the following 40pin Apacer IDE devices:


Having never had to reinstall windows on one of these I just need some basic information on what my options are with these.

1. From what kind of media do I reinstall XPe? I have individual licenses for each one for XPe but no media.

2. If it's a matter of booting to an XPe cd, will this IDE device just show up in windows setup as an available location to install windows on? Like with a normal HD? It's 1GB, do I get options to create partitions (not that I want to) and use FAT or NTFS?

3. I seem to remember someone saying to me that they have some function available that sort of reimages them back to factory, is this true? If so how is this performed? I know they come with EWF, I'm not confusing the image restore thing with EWF.

4. Can they be wiped and just install what ever I want on them? Can they be used as another (albeit tiny) hard disk, as a D: drive for instance?