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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Axel M80F - Suitable for Web Camera / video conferencing? in Technical; Hello, Im posting on here as have not had much luck of a reply on other forums. We have quite ...
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    Question Axel M80F - Suitable for Web Camera / video conferencing?


    Im posting on here as have not had much luck of a reply on other forums.

    We have quite a few Axel M80F's in use and our IT Management wants us to look into using them for USB web camera use / video conferencing with video and audio.

    How would the M80F's work in this situation??

    Would the video only work well in a small window rather than full screen???

    We connect ours through Citrix ICA clients.

    Hope to get some advice.


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    Have you tried contacting Axel support, they've been good when I've contacted them. If you haven't Matt from Axel is on here so you should get a response soon!

    TBH though, I wouldn't expect a great result from doing this, I would be tempted to use a PC for vid conf stuff.

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    Speak to Axel as I would imagine this is a use for thin clients that the majority of schools wouldn't have considered / attempted.

    I would advise against it though. Even if the Axel can cope you will saturate your server back end fairly quickly depending on what video conferencing software you use.


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    Hi Chris,

    Good to talk to you earlier - you now know where/how to get in touch !

    I have Skype set up on a terminal, let me know if/when you want to chat !

    0845 225 2822

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