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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, 2 X Thiinclient Server and client in Technical; yes...
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    Re: 2 X Thiinclient Server and client


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    Re: 2 X Thiinclient Server and client

    Hi #All
    I considered using 2x thinclients but found out i would need to pay them some money as we use citrix for most things it came to about 140 X £14. So we had to stick with our thin client system which is basically a micro version of the linux kernel with the citrix client embedded and executed from the init rd image. Works like grease lightening, intersting fact is our version is what the 2x system used to be before 2x got hold of it, the original writer was Diego Torres Milano from argentina his code is the core of the 2x system thinclient os. Since is code was released under the gpl thats why the thinterminal part is still free.

    i dont like paying for anything if i can get it for free.


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