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    Microsoft Multipoint Server 2011 and GPOs

    Im taking a very close look at Multipoint Server 2011 and understand that the PCs running the users sessions can be connected to a domain.

    Im planning on rolling out Server 2008 R2 and Im just working on the GPOs on virtual machines at the moment. These GPOs redirect the student and staff desktops and start menus back to the server so they can be managed; plus a number of the GPOs tie down the machines etc. The GPOs are applied to the the computer rather then the users.

    Question is - will these GPOs still work with Multipoint 2011. If a whole set of GPOd are applied to the PC running the MP sessions and a student or staff member logs onto one of the remote screens will they get the GPOs applied as if they had logged onto a normal computer in the suite??



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    I can't confirm your specific problem, as we have a very slow network so use local resources, but the majority of my regular desktop GPOs apply just fine to MultiPoint 2011. MultiPoint treats user sessions as RDP sessions, essentially, so anything you do on there should work.

    Do make sure that you get the Premium edition of MultiPoint, as the Standard edition (and non-education edition of 2010) only support up to 10 users and do not support domain add.

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