Hi There,

Bit of a lurker that has found himself in need of some advice, here's the situation:

RM CC3 network (Yeah, I know...)
Dell E5500, Windows 7 Professional
Latest version of VMWare Server 2

What I'm having issues with is getting a build happening through RM means, I've managed to configure the VM Guest that I'm playing with to use the e1000 network adapter so the standard disk is doing its' job but it's not gaining an ip address or seeing the DNS.

I banged my head against using the usual adding of custom drivers as the only ones I could get my hands upon weren't recognised as the correct drivers by either the RM Build Disk Manager or the VM Guest.

At the moment I'm just thinking that perhaps having a Windows 7 host may be the primary problem having spent the last couple of days following various guides and forum advice and have yet to convince the Guest machine to communicate outside of its' shell!

Could anyone give me some pointers or even shed some light having been through a similar experience?

Any help would be most appreciated, this is a bit of a pet project to introduce the wonders of VMs into our network to hopefully make things a bit easier but so far it's not going so well!