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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Multipoint 2010 + NComputing U170 in Technical; Hi, I saw a few threads on this but nothing particular to my problems. NComputing released the drivers for their ...
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    Multipoint 2010 + NComputing U170


    I saw a few threads on this but nothing particular to my problems. NComputing released the drivers for their U170 devices and Multipoint Server 2010. Our district purchased a ton of devices and licenses in order to prepare for the NComputing solution. However, I've had a lot of issues with these installs.

    First, I have reason to believe that Clonezilla doesn't get along with Multipoint (maybe Server 2008 R2 in general?). I've taken an exact image off of what ended up to be a perfectly working setup, then once I load the video drivers after a sysprep, I'd get random video distortion and the computer would hard lock. Also, the devices simply wouldn't get a picture. Again, after sysprep, the original machine had zero issues like this. Anyone have issues with Server 2008 R2/Multipoint and Clonezilla imaging? Is there another free alternative that works?

    One issue that I've had on all of the setups has been that I have a limited amount of policies placed on the NComputing pods [Just default domain policy, WSUS, User Policy to add students to Remote Desktop Users, and Forefront settings, although I did have Remote Desktop Activation on as well] but it seems that "Applying settings" hangs up long enough that on some boots, the devices will come on and get hung up, and need to be power cycled or the whole damn thing needs to be rebooted.

    On other occasions, the User Profile Service (there may be another word in there I'm missing) will hang for 1-2 minutes and completely hang up the devices as well.

    Other than that, the solution seems speedier than the Win7 32 solution I'm looking at, and without the desktop redraw errors since it forces the theme down to Windows Classic, essentially. I'd like to be able to use Multipoint, but without being able to image it and with all of the issues we're having with upkeep, I'm unsure if it's ready to be deployed in our intended locations (Elementary schools, High School computer labs, etc.)

    If anyone has been working with this solution and could provide some insight, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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    WDS imaging should work fine which is free if you have any microsoft servers 2003 or above. Have not tried it myself though as we don't yet have a multipoint setup.

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    Two possibilities to check into regarding how you are doing the imaging:
    1. The NC software expects to have the video driver installed before it is installed itself -- so by imaging first and then installing the video driver this will likely cause video problems (also, make sure you install only video drivers -- not applications like AMD's Catalyst Control Center - those kinds of apps can cause problems and are really not needed for the video card in the host).
    2. the NC software and the devices need to be registered/activated on each machine. For your master image you should not do the registration/activation for the devices/NC SW. Then once you image, you'll need to register the hosts/devices (you may be able to use a similar process described for imaging X350/550 systems that is detailed in the NC online KB - just search on "imaging").

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