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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, What Thin Client box to buy? in Technical; Hi I am looking for 25 or so thin client boxes that can PXE boot and load a 2x machine ...
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    What Thin Client box to buy?


    I am looking for 25 or so thin client boxes that can PXE boot and load a 2x machine image..

    Can anybody recommend a decent box - it would be nice if it had a bit of processing power, and sound capability.. but price is important..

    Any recommendations..?


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    Quote Originally Posted by carvjo View Post
    Any recommendations..?
    This chap:

    eBay My World - top_topdeals

    has 500 second-hand newer-style RM all-in-one machines. We just bought 20 for around £100 each. These are all-in-one machines, so your £100 gets you a computer and 1280x1024 17" monitor. They PXE boot Slax fine. They don't quite manage YouTube video on our plain Server 2008 R2 TS machine (both video and sound quality are actually quite good, the sound is just not quite synced up with the video), but 2X might be able to handle it. If not (if it's just a case of the hardware not quite being up to it), spending another £100 to stick a new motherboard, CPU, RAM bundle in each machine is probably still the cheapest option, bearing in mind you get the screen in with the bundle.

    David Hicks

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