I've been killing myself trying to install XenApp 5 for a whole week now and still not lucky enough.
It's my first time dealing with servers and sql and citrix, it's for a test environment.

But i have no idea what steps to take, i thought it'd be an install and online kinda configuration, but there is more to it.

What ive done already: I've double clicked on the sql script provided a;ready with the installation cd or files. It created the database.
I installed Xenapp and directed it towards that datastore it worked.
Got the license.
I created 1 farm since it's all we need with only about 5-10 users using citrix.
We already have a live citrix box which is online. I cant seem to make the test one go online so i could connect to it.

Am i missing anything? Please help, its very frustrating with no isntallation step by step guide...