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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Virtual disk question in Technical; Before I do this, just wanted to check if anyone thought that this is a bad idea: My Hyper-V virtual ...
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    Virtual disk question

    Before I do this, just wanted to check if anyone thought that this is a bad idea:

    My Hyper-V virtual host has two server vms, both with dynamic disks, one of which I am going to retire but need to run up its replacement. The two vhd are currently allocated the entire space of the host disk but there is plenty of unused space so I could run up the replacement machine in the spare space as the disks are dynamic, then retire the old server.

    Sounds right yeah?

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    Yes as long as there is enough space for the actual data in each of the VHDs and they are not likely to expand beyond the space avalible in the drive which they are stored then this should work fine.

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