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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, Terminal server as a vm in Technical; Hi guys does any run there terminal server as a virtual machine. If so what the spec of the vm ...
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    Terminal server as a vm

    Hi guys

    does any run there terminal server as a virtual machine. If so what the spec of the vm and how many users do you have connected to it and are you running 2008 or 2003?

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    Our entire Citrix farm (18 servers) is virtualised. They are all spec'd as dual core 3Ghz with 4Gb RAM and we get about 30 users per box. That's app delivery only, no desktops yet. It's all sat on 2003 at the moment. Not pure TS I know, but probably close enough for comparison?

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    We have two or three 2003 TS boxes all on VM, seem to run ok, our information teams are the main users, only ever two or three users on but due to their location accessing the data they do inst viable on the connections they have so we built up a few TS's, they handle everything pushed at them as far as I am aware. We have an IT one used for remote support etc, that seems to be ok, didn't handle Office 2007 so we went back to 2003 not sure on the issue, possibly due to amount of RAM but not 100% sure as I wasn't involved at the time.

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    I USE TO recommend many, smaller WTS servers. 4Gb Memory, 1 or 2 CPU's, 32bit OS.
    But VMware vSphere has improved, Windows 64bit with 64bit Apps have also changed my mind. So it down to applications and TESTING!!!!!

    WTS is heavy on memory, so use the latest server with DDR3 memory and EPT enabled (Intel 55xx or 56xx). VMware Vi3/vSphere has large memory page support which can also increase performance for WTS.

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