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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, VMware Fusion and Windows 7 Activation in Technical; I've got Windows 7 installed on my MacBook Pro on a BootCamp partition. VMware Fusion allows you to use the ...
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    VMware Fusion and Windows 7 Activation

    I've got Windows 7 installed on my MacBook Pro on a BootCamp partition. VMware Fusion allows you to use the BootCamp partition to run in a virtual machine. However, when I booted it up, it was asking to be activated. I knew for sure I had already done this, so I booted up in to BootCamp and it was definitely activated. However, when booting up in the VM, it was not activated. I don't want to fall foul of Microsoft, trying to double activate what is essentially the same installation. Would I be able to run the BootCamp Windows or do you need 2 separate licenses to run in BootCamp and run the same install in a VM?

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    There's no need to buy two licenses, but you will have to activate Windows twice.

    Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions all include virtualisation rights as part of the license which enables you to legally run Windows in both a VM and BootCamp as long as it is running on the same hardware.

    Itís also worth mentioning that an OEM Windows license grants the same virtualisation rights as a retail license, but an OEM license when used with a Mac would only be valid if Apple originally sold you the Windows license and the hardware together. Since they donít do this (for obvious reasons), technically you would be violating the terms of the OEM System Builder license agreement if you were using an OEM copy of Windows. However, I wouldnít worry too much about it if this is for your home Mac.
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