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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, ESX4 licensing query in Technical; Hi Was wondering if someone could clarify a licensing question I have for ESX4. In August 2008 we purchased 2 ...
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    ESX4 licensing query


    Was wondering if someone could clarify a licensing question I have for ESX4.

    In August 2008 we purchased 2 ESXi hosts and purchased 2 subscriptions of Academic gold support/subscription for VMware foundation for 2 processors on a 3 year agreement and Academic gold support/subscription for virtualcenter foundation on a 3 year agreement.

    In Summer 2009 we upgraded these hosts to ESX4 and added an additional host all with 2 processors. We also upgraded our VMware subscription from the old license foundation to the new tier license which was used for vsphere and we decided on the Advanced package. This was done on all of our servers so we now run ESX4 advanced.

    But due to costs we could only purchase the 1 year support/maintenance rather than the 3 year but when we had foundation we did initially purchase the 3 year option.

    What I want to know is because we originally had the 3 year foundation gold support. Does this mean that because we have moved to advanced we are supported for licensing and technical problems for 3 years? I am a bit confused about this because we upgraded to the new version whilst in the 3 year gold support time with the foundation agreement.

    If anyone could clarify this it would be appreciated.


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    I haven't come across this scenario exactly before, but I think your stuck with 1 year support for Advanced.

    I would check your contracts online at VMWARE.com and see whats listed.



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    Last year I upgraded from vSphere Standard to vSphere Advanced. What they do is to pro-rota your current support subscription to "upgrade it" to the new product version you've purchased, as the more expensive products have an more expensive maintenance cost assosciated with them.

    For example we have vSphere Standard orginally to the 30th October 2010. When I brought vSphere Advanced this was pro-rotated to 8th June (I think) and then I brought an additional 2 month pack to increase this accordingly.

    If you log on to vmware.com there is a section under accounts where you can calculate this value. Additionally, you can contact them to get this sorted.

    Your vCentre subscription would remain unaffected.



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