I have been trying to put a powered on machine into my virtual environment without success, using VMware Standalone Convertor 4.0.1.
I have a Terminal server 2008 which has a power issues, as a backup precaution so I can commence physical work on the server, and so it can still be used I want to drop it into my VMware Vcentre 4 system.

Accessing the VMware Standalone convertor isnít a problem, putting the information into where my source and destination need to be isnít a problem. The issue seems to be when I run the conversion, after around a minute it gives me the following message. FAILED: A system error encountered during an operation.
I thought i would try and transfer this server to my NAS drive, and it completes perfectly.
I then thought ok i will extract from my NAS drive and place in my Virtual environment that way, but again errors were produced only this time it was. FAILED: Unable to connect to the virtual disk
I do have massive log files, but struggling to understand where itís going wrong, I just thought someone else might have encountered this, or suggestions.
My next step is to try and import another server or desktop computer, or try standalone convertor version 4.0.
The virtual environment is Vcentre 4 (vsphere)