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Thin Client and Virtual Machines Thread, How to remove vmware player toolbar in Technical; Does anyone know how to get vmware player to load up with out any tool bar options and to stop ...
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    Smile How to remove vmware player toolbar

    Does anyone know how to get vmware player to load up with out any tool bar options and to stop students from changing settings to the image?
    I have had it setup in MS Virtual PC 2007 and got it just how I wanted it but then no usb support so I have had to import the image into vmware player.
    We want to have a desktop for students to use visual studio but this has problems on our system with security so a virtual desktop is a great option but when i try to create one in vmware player V3 the student has options on the tool bar even if I set it up to full screen mode.
    any ideas?

    or anyone explain how to get a usb drive to work in MS virtual PC 2007

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    don't think you can remove the toolbar. I gave the students read only perms to the config file (VMX).


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    Just an idea, I know this would work on Solaris/Linux your mileage may vary for windows.

    Use VirtualBox from Sun.

    You can start a headless vm (no boot console)
    Once started, connect direct through RDP.
    USB suported
    & No Menu bars at all!

    Next step is to run your Virtual machine on a server, then your on your way to VDI!!


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