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Yes, just omit it. Elsewhere, I can't remember where, you can set up config files for each machine via their MAC address and name them if you don't want the default naming system to be used (it names them TS_MAC IIRC).

We've always been told that we don't pay for the extra software we already have licenses for (ie. if we have 300 licenses for XP and our network grows to 310 XP machines) until the end of the year, but if it is something we don't have yet (like adding TS licenses to the agreement) then we needed to buy them.

This is for both licensing and technical requirements - namely, terminal services requires a licensing server to run properly. And the licensing server requires some licenses to allow clients to connect - if you use a volume licensing scheme, this would involve entering your agreement number in the licensing console and it contacts MS to get your licenses.
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@localzuk: I believe that mjs_mjs is describing a Schools Agreement where by adding an additional product part way through the year is fine (and doesn't require payment immediately) but you will be charged for it in the next year of your agreement.

For instance, you might license 5 Windows servers at the start of your agreement in January (assuming your agreement starts in January) but part way through the year (say June) decide you want to implement a sixth one. You would be allowed to implement your new server in June and would then add it to your agreement next January when it is renewed.

This is how it was recently described to me anyway.
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Yes, that's what I just said - you can increase the number of machines you have for products you've licensed. Just not products that weren't on your license. ie. If you don't have any licenses for Office, you can't use Office unless you actually add it. That's how it was described to me anyway.
You are both correct, we have the lisence required. If not we can still run it for a trial of 60days.

So if i omit line 3 it should still work. Kwl - thanks guys, i'll give it a go. Now to find a floppy drive :P