Citrix Presentation server 4.5
I have setup my server farm with the web interface, no ssl, no https. Internally it works as it should.
At home I connect to the school network using a CISCO VPN client.

When the vpn connection is up and running i can ping all servers in my farm, remote desktop to anywhere within my network.

I can launch the citrix web interface, logon and see the applications published to me. When i click on any of the applications i get the error “Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp Server”
I have no internal firewall within school (as yet) so the only firewall is at county level.
I have saved the ICA file of one of my applications and looked at its contents. The IP address in the file is correct (ie one of the farm servers that I can ping).
Internally I can telnet to the server IP address on port 1494. Externally through the vpn connection I cannot telnet to 1494.
Am I correct in thinking it is just a firewalled port, ie if I get county to open 1494 I should be good to go? Are there any other ports that need to be open 2598??