Hi again guys,

We have not that long installed 64 thin clients to 4 terminal servers in our 2 new IT rooms. They've been up and running for 5 to 6 weeks now and they are connected to 17" LG TFT's. We have problems with the monitors going into standby and we have to power cycle the thin clients to get them back up and running again. We have also found that with regular power cycling, the thin clients sometimes hang on the splash screen requiring a reinstall of OS from a USB flash drive.

I have contacted HP and put these questions to them, however the poor guy had been deviated from his cue cards and was asking questions to answers I had given him 15 mins previous - I felt my bladder starting to boil

I cannot seem to find the firmware listed for the t5145 as maybe flashing the TC's with the latest FW would help?

I would also like to ask regular TC users wether if they leave them on permanently or switch them off, just looking for best practice.

Cheers me dears,

Andy Turpie