OK, so as you'll probably know from previous posts, I'm adding a TS environment to our network. I've also (recently recently) added a Tea4Cups/Pykota/Cups printserver to the network, with confirmation of jobs turned on. Therefore, I've got Pykoticon starting up on all the Windows machines at logon to allow this.

Has anyone got pykoticon on a TS environment? If I've assumed correctly, it probably shouldn't work correctly as it uses a specific port on the client machine (ie the TS server), so when a new client runs the program, the port may shift to that, or be kept by the original copy, and the second won't receive communication. I've coded a little thing in VB that will connect to the postgresql DB to show the balance of the account, but I'll need to turn off the confirmation if I do use that.

Any clues gratefully received.