Hi All,

I'm confused about the VMDK manual clone concept, I've got 2 x ESXi Servers namely ESXi1 and ESXi2 and also one SAN VMFS datastore which is shared LUN for both ESXi1-2 servers.

I have a Windows Server 2003 x64 Std VM with the name Win2003x64_vmws00 as the template, what I usually do is from Veeam FastSCP

1. Copy the whole directory of Win2003x64_vmws00 (from Local SATA Template Directory) into SAN-VMFS datastore
2. Rename the directory into Win2003x64_vmws01
2. Go Inside Win2003x64_vmws01 directory and rename Win2003x64_vmws00*.vmdk into Win2003x64_vmws01*.vmdk
3. Delete any other file except the *.vmdk files
4. Create new VM using Custom Wizard and point the Hard Disk to the renamed file (Win2003x64_vmws01.vmdk)
5. Start the VM and select "I copied" in the dialog box.

that is the way I'm doing it now, the problem now is that there are soo many directory around in the SAN-VMFS like:

Win2003x64_vmws01_1 --> contains smaller Win2003x64_vmws01_1.log, Win2003x64_vmws01_1.nvram, .vmsd, .vmx and .vmxf files
Win2003x64_vmws01_2 --> same as the above directory but different filename

the cloned VM is working fine all of them even though the directory naming seems to be confusing for me to manually backup each VM, My understanding is that each VM is contained within one single directory of itself but then when i manually copy the directory and starting it up after renaming process the confusion begin, the same thing goes when I start the VM from the Secondary ESXi Server (for the ESXi failover test), please shed some light on this matter ?